Mike Rounds   John Thune

The United States Congress is made up of two groups. They are the House of Representatives and the Senate. These groups of people write, talk about, and pass bills. Every state elects two people to go to the Senate. These are called the senators. They serve terms of six years. Mike Rounds and John Thune are the senators from South Dakota.

Mike Rounds was born in Huron and is the eldest of eleven siblings. He is a Republican and took office in January of 2015. John Thune is from Murdo. He is a Republican. He became a senator from South Dakota in January 2005. His third term will be over in 2022.

South Dakota has only one person in the House of Representatives. The number of representatives a state has is based on the population of the state. Large states have many representatives; small states have fewer. Representatives serve terms of two years. Dusty Johnson is the representative from South Dakota. He is a Republican. He grew up in Pierre. He was elected to the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission and worked for Governor Dennis Daugaard.


  Dusty Johnson