Indian tribes traded with one another to get the things they did not have. Some tribes did not grow food. They traded meat and animal skins to the Arikaras and Mandans. They also traded for horses, weapons, and tools.

     The Crow Indians lived in tipis and hunted buffalo. They lived in western South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming. Crow women decorated animal skins with beautiful quillwork. They used porcupine quills. The Crows traded these to the Arikaras for vegetables and horses.

     The Cheyenne Indians were also buffalo hunters. They brought meat and clothing to the Arikaras to trade. The Cheyenne Indians lived in western South Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado.

     The Pawnee Indians were related to the Arikaras and lived in rounded houses. They lived in Nebraska, Kansas, and southwestern South Dakota. They grew vegetables to eat but traded horses to the Arikaras for tools and weapons.